Here's what our clients are saying about the W&L Learning Management System.

We changed to the LMS W&L education platform and have seen outstanding results in terms of staff engaging with their learning. Our previous system saw an uptake of approximately 80 modules in a 18 month period, but with W&L we have seen over 100 (103) modules undertaken in a 7 month period.

Education and Safety Coordinator
Barunga Village Inc.

Easy to navigate, and understand. Excellent record of staff training and ease of access to training.

Jennifer Horn
Theodore Council for Aged, Qld

The LMS is user friendly, gives us exactly what we need to cover our mandatory education. Plus the W&L team are awesome and innovative and totally understand what we are trying to achieve in our facility.

Haley Sheriff
Chaffey Aged Care

LMS is easy to use and staff are taking up training.

Felicity Weeding
Presbyterian Care, Tasmania

We have found this website to be very informative with a great perspective on Aged Care in general.

We have recently been accredited for 3 years and had adopted the online education prior to going through our accreditation audit. 

Senior Management were a little unsure about changing the way we conducted our education especially leading into an audit but this all worked extremely well for us. The auditors were quite happy that staff had access to online education and that we could show that we were monitoring staff completion of online modules.

We would recommend this education website to anyone looking for a convenient way to educate their staff in a busy world where time is precious

Jackie Wilson
Para Hills Residential Care

Easy to use and great learning tool

Jason Williams
Altaira Nursing Services

I have gone through your Manual Handling in Aged Care and Health Care Industry E-Learning Module and I think this is the best and most interesting lesson I have had the pleasure of accessing and doing. I didn't get a 100% but I was to interested in going through it to see what it offered, but will go back and do it again. 

With all the training I have had there are things in your course which I find very informative, I am no young chick at this I am an old girl willing to teach the younger nurses the right way. Hoping to hear from you as I have to do new training with new staff in the next week or so. Cheers for now, keep up with the good work.

Del Henrichs
Ridgehaven Retirement Home

A wealth of information. Very educational, it has definitely helped me with my work. Great job!

Registered Nurse

Keep up the fantastic work , lots of excellent information.


I like the set up and easy access for staff.

Kathy Bush
Berrigan Aged Care

Good one stop training program for all mandatory training

Jody Stevens
Springhaven Lodge

W&L was the first site I clicked on when I needed information about Manual Handling. I looked no further! The information and packages are easy to navigate, contain clear information and all in all, a very professional outfit. Thank you for saving me hours of internet searching. Well done to the team at W&L

Jo Dalziel
Patch & Dispatch First Aid Trainer