Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions and their answers asked by our members:

 Does W&L Aged Care Learning material meet current legislative and industry standards?

Yes, W&L Learning is endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing and all our materials are reviewed annually. Our modules are developed by our team of allied health professionals who are working within the industry. Our therapists and nurses keep abreast of industry and legislative updates through their professional bodies as well as our partnerships with Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) and Leading Age Services Australia (LASA).

 Can W&L Aged Care Learning create customised materials for my organisation and how long does this take?

Yes the W&L Learning team can work with you to develop your existing training materials or PowerPoint presentations into interactive E-Learning modules or video presentations. We can develop custom materials with your organisation’s branding within 7 working days.

 What modules do W&L Aged Care Learning provide that are focused on clinical care?

The majority of our E-Learning modules are focused on clinical care. Our materials include an extensive library of ACFI and mandatory training modules as well as covering topics such as Nutrition and Diabetes in Aged Care, Dysphagia Management and Complex Health Care.

 How do staff access W&L Aged Care Training?

You only need an internet connection to use our system. Your staff can go straight to our log in page and access our system with a username and password. A learning link can also be placed on your website to direct your employees to the log in page.

 Is W&L Aged Care Training compatible with PC’s, tablets and other mobile devices?

Yes our Learning Management System is compatible with most recent smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices as well as desktop computers and laptops. 

Please visit the System Requirements section of our User Guide to see which platforms and devices are fully supported.

 What reporting is included?

Training managers can customise reports and filter training results based on specific modules, staff classifications, specific users, results and time periods. All reporting can be exporting into Microsoft Excel or PDF format.

Training managers can also assign training plans with due dates and report on data such as overall completion rates or drill down to individual team members. 

 Does W&L Aged Care Learning provide technical support to individual staff members?

Yes, our system has been designed to be easy to use and navigate however we have an online user guide and customer support team available for any questions or support needed.

 I cannot login what should I do?

If you are a Training Manager please contact support who can assist you.

For individual staff members please contact your training manager who can further assist you.

 Is there a logical order that staff should complete their ACFI Education?

This is the recommended sequence - it's progressive so that each session builds upon the previous, and ensures practical application of knowledge that is congruent:

  1. Accurately assessing residents’ ADLs needs and levels of assistance 
  2. Recording cognition & behaviours which impact on resident care
  3. Completing the PAS-CIS to accurately reflect a resident’s cognitive function and optimise ACFI funding
  4. Accurately assessing, providing, and recording resident Complex Health Care
  5. Completing the CSDD to accurately reflect signs and symptoms of depression and optimise ACFI funding

Once clinical RNs and ENs have completed these to confirm they have the ACFI fundamentals, those who need an increased understanding of ACFI to increase funding while minimising documentation should then complete:

     6.   Mastering the ACFI Business Rules & Planning
     7.   Reducing Documentation to Improve the Accuracy of the ACFI Appraisal Pack  

For staff that don't currently complete assessments, a lot of organisations are adding "ACFI Documentation & Recording for EN’s & Carers" to their induction and mandatory training schedule

 What if staff run out of time to finish a module?

All our modules can be resumed from where the user was up to.  Staff do not have to start again if they get called away or run out of time.