Continence Management  E-Learning Modules

Incontinence is an under diagnosed problem in Australia, affecting all age groups from early childhood to the elderly and can be the cause of shame, embarrassment, depression and loss of self-esteem. This module provides guidance on the assessment and management of urinary and faecal incontinence.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how a RACF ensures regular faecal and urinary continence assessments are conducted and used as per the general care process.
  • Understand how faecal and urinary continence management plans are developed and communicated to the relevant persons as per the general care process (care staff).
  • Know how to check if faecal and urinary continence management processes undertaken by care staff are consistent with plans and the resident’s assessed needs.
  • Ensure each resident’s privacy is maintained when going to the toilet.
  • Understand how a RACF needs to regularly evaluate and review faecal and urinary continence management to determine its continued effectiveness in meeting the needs of the resident.
  • Be familiar with how the role of ACFI links with continence management.
  • Be able to complete your role effectively, as care staff, in this process.