ACFI Basics  E-Learning Modules

All levels of staff in aged care facilities are involved in the provision of care and contribution to ACFI specific documentation – carers, enrolled nurses, registered nurses, and allied health professionals. We commonly hear that staff who are new to aged care, or haven’t received specific training in this area, often have documentation requirements put on them without being provided the background knowledge. This can lead to frustration, ACFI claims being delayed, or the information that is received from the floor being affected.

This is why W&L Aged Care Learning have created the ACFI Basics, which helps to solve these issues and problems.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a basic knowledge of how the ACFI works
  • Understand the different areas of the ACFI, and the parts that your work impacts
  • Recognise the importance of correct documentation in aged care, and how it relates to improving the care that you give
  • Ensure that your facility receives the correct level of funding for the care that you’re providing


  • An overview of the ACFI
  • How funding is determined
  • What are the ACFI domains?
  • What are the ACFI questions?
  • The resident admission and ACFI appraisal process
  • Existing residents and the ACFI reappraisal process
  • Documentation requirements and the validation process

Who should use this training

You should go through this training if you are new to aged care, or you do any documentation and haven’t had any specific training in the ACFI.

We’ve found that this training has helped staff gain a better understanding of why certain documentation is asked of them – helping with job satisfaction. For the facilities that have provided this training, they’ve found that it’s helped with compliance in documentation, and helped increase ACFI funding.

We’ve realised that not all staff at facilities need (or want) the same level of training regarding the ACFI and its’ components; the needs of care staff and clinical staff responsible for submitting the appraisals are quite different.

This session is set-out in a progressive format, where prior knowledge of the ACFI is not required. It’s important for all levels of staff to have an understanding of the basics of the ACFI and how this relates to the care we give and the resident receives.