ACFI Business Rules and Planning  E-Learning Modules

There have been several rounds of changes since the ACFI was introduced over 5 years ago… but it’s a little known fact that some of the older changes affect today’s reappraisals of existing residents. We commonly hear from sites that have ACFI management issues. Do any of the following apply to you and your site?

  • You have residents admitted and their ACAT/ACAS doesn’t match their care needs?
  • You’re not sure exactly how the 2012 changes to the ACFI still affect your residents?
  • You’re constantly juggling voluntary and mandatory reappraisals?
  • There’s been no strategy put in place with the remaining RCS saved rate residents?
  • Residents are only being voluntarily reappraised based on factors like their anniversary date or their current rate?

We’ve found that many aged care facilities don’t have a structured, systemised approach to their ACFI process. This means that there is scope for opportunity in increasing funding, improving compliance, and decreasing the time taken to complete appraisals. This is why W&L have created the Mastering the ACFI Business Rules & Planning Education, which helps to solve these issues and problems.

What this training can do for you:

  • Improve compliancy – ensure that initial claims don’t ‘default’
  • Reduce downgrades – know how to identify which residents’ funding will go down under the new rules
  • Decrease paperwork – utilise the business rules to your advantage and prevent mandatory reappraisals
  • Increase funding – learn how to prioritise which residents you should be working on

Included in this training:

  • Initial appraisals (ACAT, level of care, defaults)
  • Avoiding the residual impact of the 2012 changes
  • Reappraisals (voluntary vs. mandatory)
  • Funding exceptions (RCS rates)
  • Planning – who should be done and when?
  • Accountability – getting accurate information from the floor
  • Validation – what needs to be done?

Who should use this training:

You should go through this training if you are involved in putting together ACFI Appraisal Packs or you’re in a position where you can improve the systems and processes within your organisation.

We’ve found that this training has helped staff approach the ACFI process more systematically and with a greater depth of understanding. This has helped to increase funding, prevented the issues associated with unnecessarily focusing on the wrong residents for reappraisals, inadvertently being ‘stuck’ with residents whose ACAT doesn’t match their ACFI. This education has even prevented sites from accidentally reappraising residents whose funding would have actually gone down under the new ACFI changes!

After learning about what you can claim in the ACFI, this session is about why, how and when you should claim. Using this education means that you’ll be able to move past just ensuring that individual assessments are optimised, but you’ll be able to approach the whole process more strategically.